From traditional woodworking

Novum Carports are produced using highly presiced technology coupled with traditional craftmanship and durable woods such as glue lam spruce, douglas fir and larch. The carports are produced and designed with modern timber CAD-programs.

Bei der Produktion bedienen wir uns der Jahrhunderte alten Zimmerertradition des Verzapfens. Verwendung finden nur langlebige Hölzer wie Fichte, Douglasie und Lärche. Konstruiert wird mit modernen Holzbau-CAD-Programmen.
Best quality timber
Carpenter tradition


We produce satisfaction.With us you get  professional advice individual plans, precision production and an efficient assembly by our teams. The result...,you are the proud owner of  a new carport, terrace roof, pavilion,garden house or a new wooden construction of your dreams.

Perfect wood-solutions

In the production of our high quality products we use the centuries-old tradition of mortise and tenon-joints. Designed and produced are our carports with modern timber-CAD programs like Dietrich's, Sema.

We will provide you with detailed 3-D visualizations with different views of their carports or canopies. Our production in Berlin gives us ample space to the individual wishes to all our customers. Even very sophisticated joinery work we can from one hand to offer.


All our timber is sourced from sustainable forest.

Novum Carport are produced using highly precised technology coupled with traditional craftmanship. We use only the best material including glue lam spruce, douglas fir and larch. Our glue lam has 11% moisture content and it's multi layered. This minimizes cracking and shrinking. Because of these properties this material is ideally suited for stabil construction.



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